Laptop monitor only turns on occasionally

By frax2050
Sep 27, 2011
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  1. Hello, first of all sorry, my english is not too good.

    My problem is on the screen of my laptop, it will not turn on, only occasionally.

    The model is Hp tx2000.

    The monitor will not turn, you hear when it comes to windows and if I connect external monitor everything looks good.

    things I've tried:

    1) I tried the inverter with other laptop. (the screen of the other laptop turn on)
    2) I tried another inverter (the screen turn on).
    3) I read some problem about high temperature and gpu, i followed a video from youtube (now the temperaures decrease at least 15 degrees lol).
    4) I pull out the Batery and pressed the button of power for 1 minute. (sometimes work but not enough).
    5) Press Fn + f4 for change display source (nothing happend).

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