Laptop recommendations wanted


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I'm trying to help my mom buy a new laptop, but I don't have much experience with lower-end computers. I'm hoping someone can help point out a good laptop or laptop maker.

She will be using the laptop for simple tasks: email, web browsing, and Netflix watch now. Because she is using Netflix watch now the laptop will need a video output, preferably HDMI to minimize cables. She would prefer a larger screen, so web books are pretty much out of the question. Battery life, portability, touch pad, etc don't matter because she will use the laptop at home 99.99% of the time. Also, she doesn't have a need for an HDD larger than a few GB.

She wants to spend as little as possible, and is not willing to pay more than $500.

Any ideas/input? Thanks!


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Packard Bell might be worth a look, too, a budget model such as the Easynote LM (there's a review here). It has an HDMI port, 17.3 inch display, and the reviewer notes that it's “bright, vivid and great for watching movies on”.


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Thanks guys, I did check out your recommendations, but I decided to go the much less expensive route and got her an Asus netbook with HDMI out. I couldn't find a laptop without all the superfluous accessories and hardware that my mom didn't need, and once I found out that HDMI ports have been showing up in netbooks I was set. It will do all the things she needs and not much more, doesn't have a huge hard drive, etc. The screen is 10.1-in which isn't bad at all, and the small size and weight are bonuses even though she didn't need them. All this for $320 and it was a no-brainer.

Thanks again for your help!