Laptop restart/freeze

By antonea
Mar 20, 2008
  1. So, I am having trouble with my laptop now. It either freezes or randomly restarts. If I don't touch it for a day or so I am able to get to my desktop, but after about 15min it will either freeze, restart, or go to a black screen. when i shut down my laptop illegally or whatever and turn it back on i will hear my hdd spinning but ill just have a black screen. i reformated my hard drive, so i dont think im having any type of malware or virus problem.

    i tested my RAM and it was good, and the temperature of my computer sits at a steady 50-55c. i know thats a bit higher than average, but i dont think thats hot enough to be overheating my laptop.

    this is a bit strange: when i touch the right bottom corner of my computer to look on the bottom of it (had to get my serial to re-register windows after formatting it), it restarts. my heatsink and fan are located in that area of my laptop.

    any ideas?
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