Laptop screen is flashing lines eratically

By tepeco
Mar 28, 2009
  1. Have a Toshiba Satalitte 1903 S303 and yesterday, I walked in the room and the screen was flickering in a very erratic way. Very brief flash of vertical lines, all very close together and in a 2or 3 inch band along the right side of the screen. Very brief flashes of the whole screen at the same time. Some vertical lines along the lower left edge as well. No apparent repeating of the position or number of lines. I would guess the lines were 30 or 40 to the inch. Very thin, very quick. The laptop had been on for about an hour. I shut down my printing program and exited windows for a shutdown. Windows seemed to perform normal during this flashing sequence, so I suspect the electronics controlling the viewing LCD screen.

    I wonder if this is a sign that the LCD is giving up on me. I've had two LCDs on other laptops go bad before, but in those cases, one simply bit the dust while the other one lost 95% of it's brightness. Never had this reaction on screen before. Any suggestions? Toshiba simply says it needs to be seen, won't speculate or provide service on this 4 year old machine.
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Sounds like a problem with the LCD trying to decide what crystals/pixles should be what color. I would contact toshiba and see if you can do anything (IE Replace the LCD screen). Most times you can even find a new one (the entire top panel of your laptop) for cheap.
  3. Phoneman

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    If you tear a laptop down 99% of these things are connected to the LCD via a flat cable. The cable connection is generally held at the motherboard and the LCD by a sliding connection on VERY flat and small diameter conductors, Either the LCD is flaky, or the cable is going OPEN, or the connection is going HIGH JOINT. My personal favorite is the cable . The laptop seriously stresses this cable everytime you open it and close it. Good Luck
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