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Laptop touchpad and keyboard problems

By H2916
Feb 23, 2010
  1. Hi,
    I bought my Acer laptop (aspire 5610z) used a couple months back. It's always been a good laptop, except that the mouse pad keys were "loose" and wobbly. A couple days ago, I decded to fix both keys. I took the screen, top cover/palm rest, and keyboard out. Nothing too major. I succeeded in fixing the keys,and they both work like new. (a plastic piece broke off each of them so I superglued them back together.) I put everything back together, powered it on, and realized that the touchpad didn't work. Like anyone would do, I took it back apart, and realized that the ribbon cable running from the touchpad to the motherboard was out of its housing, so I plugged it back in. It still wouldnt work, so I stopped for the night. The next day, I was tinkering with it, and somehow the keyboard stopped working too. I get mad at this point. Its not like I broke anything all the times I opened the laptop up. Frustrated, I stopped for the day. Sunday night, I try to fix it again, and to my suprise and luck, the keyboard and touchpad worked again. I was happy, and started using the laptop. I didn't use for more than 20min, when guess what, the keyboard, touchpad, and the volume/play buttons on the side all stopped working, again. (I unplugged that volume/play ribbon cable, also.)The keyboard will work in screens like where it says "windows error recovery, start in safe mode, command prompt, normal." It just won't work in regular windows.

    Right around the time of these problems, I got a message from Window Defender saying I had 2 medium security threats on my laptop, and so I removed them. I don't really think that this has anything to do with it, though. Now here I am asking for help. I just hope it isn't a motherboard issue. I already tried the fn+f7 touchpad enabler, system restore, taking battery out, etc. Can anyone help me with this? Sorry for the long story. I DON'T want to take it to geeksquad, etc, or reinstall windows-acer installed it, dont have disc. I really don't want to spend any money. Thank you for any of your help!
  2. scottxxoo

    scottxxoo TS Rookie

    Zif cables

    You need to be really careful when taking apart a notebook..the ZIF cables (Zero Insertion Force) sometimes called Flex Cables are extermely fragile...the connector on the motherboard has little slides that you pull out, then remove the ZIF connector, the cable will go in/out with "Zero Force" To install make sure the slide is OUT, then put the ZIF cable in and you push the slide back in...cable connected. If you just pull these cables out and try to force them back in you will shred the ends and the keyboard/touchpad/etc won't work.

    if only SOME of the keyboard does not work, like a small area, maybe the 1, 2, q, w, a, keys..that means the ZIF cable is not inserted all the way...reseat the cable and it should work fine..

    Many of these cables can be bought for $5 or so on eBay if you need to replace them...I have bought several of them from a guy..I can get his information if you need it.

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