Laptop won't reboot

By calikid229
Sep 29, 2008
  1. hi, newcomer here. I never had problems with my hp v3000 laptop unitl about two days ago when i tried to restart it and it didn't shutdown and restart. I had to manually to power down and reboot. then a couple hrs later I tried to restart after installing new apps and it took me five trys to get the screen to come on. Yesterday it took me 8 tries in the morning to get the screen on. Everything seems fine. The ligths come on and the fan comes on when ever i press the power button except the screen. It just takes alot of tries to make it come on. oh and my wireless card isnt working anymore, maybe a link or something to the other problem. Anybody have any ideas.
  2. Achilles_ny

    Achilles_ny TS Rookie

    When a laptop's screen doesn't come on, you should connect an external monitor and see if you get a picture. Remember to cycle through the different video modes ( Fn-F4 in your case ). Also, make sure the memory modules a seated properly.

    Some possible causes include: Backlight in LCD screen needs replacement or onboard mobo video is faulty. Good luck.
  3. manacloud1

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    seems to me like a hardware problem with power. You should bring it into a store to get it looked at.

    also spyware could cause this as well. If you dont have any spyware its hardware then.
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