Laptop won't start after failed reset

By Darcy simonsen ยท 4 replies
Apr 16, 2016
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  1. I tried to reset my laptop and it would begin the reset until it got to 40% then it said that the reset failed and game me an option to try again or troubleshoot or continue to Windows so I tried again,after it failed a second tine I tried to continue to Windows. Now I get the Asus load screen "Asus in search of incredible" for about a minute then the screen turns black than Asus load screen again repeating until I turn it off, when I start it again that same thing happens.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    OS / 7,8,10?? Maker/ model/ how old/ warranty? Recovery media? Repair disk? What did you do just BEFORE the problem appeared? Why reset? Prior problem? Could be dying HDD or high temps or something else. Beep codes? Error codes? Stop codes? BSOD?
  3. Darcy simonsen

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    I fixed it with a clean install of windows 10.
  4. JemmaH

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    Hi there, same thing is happening to me with my ASUS laptop. How did you do a clean install with windows 10? I cannot get safemode or anything to run, the only thing I can do is press F2 and Aptio Setup Utility comes up. I'm really not tech savvy, so I need help!
  5. Cycloid Torus

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    Due to UEFI, you are best advised to look for specifics at ASUS support. What and how you 'do a clean install' varies by maker and model.

    If your system does not have UEFI, you can download and install Windows 10 with an ISO copy from Microsoft. While you may be able to do that even with UEFI, I would confirm that with the laptop's maker.

    You will lose all your photos, documents and music if you do a clean install and do not have backup copies. A clean install will also remove any system restoration capability the manufacturer put in place. If you have or can make one, a REPAIR disk might be a better choice.

    If you have it (or have downloaded it), consult your user manual. This should all be described in there.

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