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Jun 22, 2013
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  1. Hey, I have an acer laptop, it's 4years old and my dad has had to fix the charger point quite oftern... My problem is before it would seem to over heat and shut down well the fan is fine... Recently I won't turn on... I have to give it a good whack so it will just start up.. Is this common with the laptop or has my dad messed it up? Please help me I'm getting so stressed when I want to use it for work.. Please any advise?

    Nessa x
  2. terry5880

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    Well one the over heating is big issue the fan that cools it down could be blocked with dust but also it over heating many times could of caused much bigger problems .. also the charger port could of come loose again or attery could be faulty ..1 the fan needs cleaning 2 take the battery completly off unplug charger then press the on off power butting for 20 seconds then plug charger in ..leave battery off and try to turn on . if no screen see if there is any lights and also listen to see if u hear fan spinning underneath
  3. Nessa Parker

    Nessa Parker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fan is clear that's been checked but it get ridiculously hot, charger port re put in and I've put charger in and turned it on left my finger on button doesn't work, just wondering if its an acer thing... Or if I should take It to a shop to be looked at..
  4. terry5880

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    If u left battery off and charger unplugged then held button for 20 seconds then put charger back in and dont work then either port is damaged or more seriously the cpu is burnt out where its over heated so much take it in to a shop some shops do free quotes so u can find out problem then decide if worth getting done once u got problem we might be able to help more
  5. jobeard

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    Assuming you refer to when the laptop is running and not just being charged - - continual over heating is very damaging. Allowing this to continue will at some point fry the cpu. A sure sign that there's major damage is the inability to access the BIOS setup for that laptop.
  6. Nessa Parker

    Nessa Parker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I charge it when needed often it will be charging and then die on me, but will freeze just before. ill take it in somewhere since its annoying as a college student doing work and it dies deleting a lot of the things your working on.

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