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By macx
Apr 8, 2008
  1. Background - Had posted about this a couple+ weeks ago, at the time
    read other posts about AVG trying to sell their subscription
    service instead of the regular AVG Anti Spyware, billing
    folks for it when they hadn't ordered, etc etc.

    Couple + weeks ago purchased AVG Anti Spyware online,
    got the email from element 5 saying I would get the key
    within 2 hrs.

    Never got it.

    2 days later emailed AVG customer svc. No reply
    2 more days filled out the online customer svc form. No reply.
    2 more days repeated online form. No reply.
    3 more days filed claim with Paypal for refund, not delivered.
    That's been several days, STILL no reply.

    Now my trial version is over and of course the popup asking me
    to buy AGAIN keeps popping up.

    Did I maybe get redirected to a Scammer site and paid them
    instead of the real AVG or something?

    If not, any other info on what's going on, other folks with
    problems, or whatever - anything to shed a little light?

    Thanks for any updates!

    Also - is there an alternate comparable / effective anti spyware
    application available elsewhere?
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Most of the ones stated across this board are free (usually no real time protection)
    You may also receive lists and reviews of others across the web.
    But, I feel that you should continue with AVG support:

    They also have a forum
    Run by Grisoft. I suspect that writing in their forum (free signup required) that you should receive an answer. I would title it "URGENT I am planning to purchase elsewhere" I'm sure that will get someones attention to reply back.

    They are a world recognized and highly respected company, I'm sure they will want resolve your issue.
    I have read that it may have gone to Spam email (possibly even your server has stopped it) Or they just didn't send it (unlikely as it is)

    Don't give up on AVG just yet.


    I've removed some irrelevant information about me (seeming I'm not important :( )
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