Latest Twitter experiment lets you see how many people are viewing your tweets

Shawn Knight

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Twitter is currently experimenting with a feature that shows users how many others have viewed their tweets. Such functionality has been available to advertisers for quite some time but this marks the first time the microblogging platform has tested the...

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"For those with a lower number of followers, it could be encouraging to see that people are actually reading what they have to say and could be a moral boost for those that don’t receive a ton of retweets or favorites"

In English: If you're a helpless narcissist...
It sounds great. The article states, there could be a DOWNSIDE, that people with thousands of followers, might realize that only a couple, actually READ, his stuff. IF, that could be a potential bummer for somebody, then they better not look, at the counter the service would provide. That sort of censorship should be done on an individual basis, by the individual. There should in NO WAY at all, be a demigod that decides what you should and should not see. This is a TEST run, of how people, in general, the world over, will react to ‘ the man’ deciding what you need to see. How this very issue plays out, will be the basis, for ALL other matters that can be similar to this. And not just SOCIAL MEDIA chat sites. I mean controlling and lulling the public, the SOCIETY part of SOCIAL.

This reminds me of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. The government decided what those people needed to know and what NOT to know. Keep the decision at your OWN discrimination. Don’t EVER let somebody else censor your information.


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It might get people to change their content/posts a bit as well I suppose, if say they were receiving lower views. Interesting change for sure.