Latitude c400 not powering up

By Jake_c400
Mar 27, 2008
  1. Dell latitude c400, just shorted the BIOS password, got it working. Booted it a few times on XP, worked fine. I was powering it off the mains then.

    I then tested the battery life, so I turned it on without the power cord, but half way through draining I had to go to my other house, so I flipped the lid down and carried it to my car (I believe shutting the lid when only powered by battery puts it to sleep, or on standby?).

    It would not power off the battery alone when in the car, and still does not, even though I left it with 50% charge. It does also not power up when plugged into the mains anymore.

    Very puzzled, any help would be appreciated

    - Jake

    NB: The battery charge light flashes green approximately once every 10 seconds.

    EDIT: Please do not move post to the password removal help thread, try reading the post before modding it. I have already removed the password, that is not the problem at all. The problem is that of it booting, like many other new threads at the top of this forum, which have not been merged into any other threads. Please leave this where it is.
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