LCD monitor "not supported" on Emachine T6410?

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Sep 7, 2010
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  1. I just got a Emachine T6410 for my grandkids and it works fine with a CRT monitor, but when I tried to put my OLDER LCD 19 monitor on it, it is black screnn and sometimes shows "Device Not Supported" on monitor screen (with Black Background)

    When I put the LCD back on my OLDER laptop or on my Emachine T5062 they work fine... also when I switch it between the LCD and a CRT the 6410 displays fine with CRT????

    What the hecks going on and how can I get it to accept a Flat Panel, since the desk they have can't use the LARGE CRT monitor.
  2. jpricesr68

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    Please help.. I see 18 people viewed it... DOesn't anyone have an Idea of whats up....
  3. JMMD

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    Are you setting the display settings to the LCD's native resolution and refresh rate (60hz). Could be whatever the PC is set to is outside of the operating spec of the LCD.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Either connect it to the CRT and temporarly change the resolution to 800x600 @ 60hz (will have to go to Advanced.. to get the frequency options).

    OR shut down, connect the LCD, and repeatedly press F8 on boot, this will get you to a screen with several options (most people recognize this as a way to get to Safe Mode). When you see the menu, choose VGA mode. That will boot a full regular Windows desktop (as opposed to limited like Safe Mode) and the resolution will be 800x600 (possibly 640x480). Then change the resolution to something the monitor can accept.
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