LCD monitor or LCD TV for both PC and 360

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Jul 13, 2009
  1. As of right now I use a 27 inch crt tv and a 19inch crt monitor. I would like to use a LCD screen but I don't know which would look the best. I want a big monitor that would look good that I can also use as a TV for my xbox 360, so it would have to also be 1080P (not 720P) as It has to have a large screen resolution for my desktop like 1920x1080 (1900x1200)

    I like this monitor because its as big as a tv with a pretty good resolution,
    Hanns-G GH-281DOB black 27.5"
    Screen size = 27.5in.
    Resolution =1920x1200
    and it has HDMI imput connector.
    Price: $340
    I like this monitor because it is big as a Tv and doesn't have a low resolution,

    I found this TV;
    Vicore 37Inch" 16:9 1080P
    Screen size = 37In.
    Resolution = 1920x1080

    I would like to get this TV instead of the monitor, especialy because of the price for size but I don't know about the company. The product has good reviews (4 out of 5 eggs). I know that a document on a 37in 1920x1080 is bigger than a 1920x1080 28in.

    What I'm getting at is, I'm mostly using something for my PC and I would like for it to be big and HD for my xbox360 as well (and PS3 If I ever decide to get one.... or afford to) because I don't want to spend over $600 on a screen.... I really don't want to spend over $400 but if quality is truely worth it, I'll spend $600.

    What do you guys think? Is this TV better to get than the monitor? Should I go with a HDTV instead of a monitor?

    Please Help
    -Nick Lee
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    Im not sure what the quality is like on those hanns monitors. Seems like maybe you're going after size? Expect your frame rates to drop considerably if you're using that 7800gt on either of those, for your pc at least. Would work out fine for the 360 though as long as it has the proper inputs to connect it.

    If you're shopping online for a monitor try not to feed into the reviews much, at least for the lower end models and brands. Most people that are buying monitors are upgrading from smaller/older monitors and dont have better monitors to compare them to side by side. Not to mention people dont read many reviews from test/review sites about monitors.
  3. Nick Lee

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    no, no. lol. This is for my new computer as my old computer wasstruck by lightning.

    Amd Phenom II X3 2.8Ghz, OCZ 4gig (2x2gig), with a XFX HD4890, Asus AM3 mobo(can't remember the name)-E 790GX, with a WD caviar Black 640gig.

    Just a question, Can I use my Thermaltake Ultra Extreame 120 on a AM3 socket with a AM2 adapter? If not can you help me find an adapter for it for an AM3 socket? I hate stock heatsinks and I don't see a point in buying a new aftermarket cooler when this one does an outstanding job.

    Like I'm looking for a high quality monitor/TV For $600 or less with 25inch - 32Inch is my best bet ($600 for a 32inch [ex: sharp, LG]) and the only inputs I would need are DVI, HDMI, (if not DVI then VGA)... but yeah. I'm trying to kill two birds with one... dog .... don't ask.... ^_^
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    Well I have a 37" lg hooked up to one of my pc's and it works great, you need to use a dvi adaptor to use these things though. Same goes with just about any other brand.

    Yes your cooler will fit with an am2 adaptor. Found a few forums where other people have done the same thing that you want to.

    Nice system btw.
  5. Nick Lee

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    I think imma get me a LG or Sharp 32inch 1080p.
    Thanks for the help with the cooler,
    I wanted another system to last me for a while.

    my last system I bought when DDR was still in use, AMD anthlon X2 3800 was $340 and the Nvidia 7800GT was still $300. lol. its been.... 4 years? i think it was about the ... it WAS the same year Battlefield: 2 came out for PC. so I think so.

    I wonder how long this will last me? I'll probably get me a new one when I get out of college... so in about another 4 years.
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