LCD power signal blinks

By shoeseat
Nov 7, 2009
  1. I have got a strange problem.I have 19"samsung 943nwx lcd which was just got repaired (2 days ago) as their was backlight issue(i guess).Now the problem is that in the middle of game(PES 2010,NFS:shift) the monitor display went black and the power signal started blinking.I tried to turn off lcd using power button it didn't work.Their was sound coming from speaker but seems broken as its repeats the same sound).i don't think its backlight problem as i cant see anything in screen whereas previously i can barely see the image on screen when the lamp is taken near to the screen.I read on other sites and they are saying capactior or resolution problem.I have been using 15" 1280x800 resl. benq when my monitor was getting repaired and i have returned it to them after my monitor was fixed.

    I also feel strange but not sure,previously their seem to be only 60HZ refresh rate to choose from monitor setting section but their is now 59,60,75 hz available.I am not sure this can happen after some part changes in the monitor.I have nvidia 9800gt and from its control panel when i select 60hz the color depth is set default to 16-bit and can t chose 32bit as it changes the refresh rate to 75hz automatically.Previously resolution was set to custom 1440x900(my lcd native) @ 60hz 32 bit but i have changed it to PC 1440x900 75hz 32 bit.I need to play game for sometime to see if the problem occurs for the new setting.But i need to know did anyone face similar problem?is it due to my previous custom 1440x900(my lcd native) @ 60hz 32 bit or its really LCD harware problem.

    Thankx for any help.
  2. Tmagic650

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    "Their was sound coming from speaker but seems broken as its repeats the same sound"...

    This is a strong indication that the problem is with your computer and not with the monitor. You were using another monitor while the broken monitor was being repaired. It sounds like you will have to delete the video driver from the device manager and let Windows reinstall it automatically
  3. shoeseat

    shoeseat TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

    Thankx for the reply.i reinstalled the driver and the problem for not been able to select 32bit for 60HZ is gone now.i can select any combination now.I haven't played games for longer but will try it shortly.

    I was just concerned if its monitor fault as it was just problem has occurred only while gaming not when in desktop or surfing net.

    Hope this will solve my problem otherwise i need to take it to repair again.
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