League of Legends and Jedi Knight 2 Freeze

By TheVeritan
Nov 4, 2011
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  1. In League of Legends (LoL) my computer randomly freezes during gameplay.
    My screen just goes black and my sound card repeats the last sound over and over and i have press restart.

    Recently i installed Jedi Kngiht 2 Jedi Outcast again and i got the same problems there, but every other game is no problem.

    My System:

    Acer Laptop Aspire 5930g with
    Win 7
    Intel 2 Duo T9400 2,53 ghz
    4 gb RAM
    GForce 9600M Gt

    I usually solve these kind of problems by reading other forum articles but i couldnt find a solution (only many people with the same problem)

    I can pretty much rule out a overheat problem, i had several diagnostics running during those freezes and no indication there ( no unusual temp spikes in gpu or cpu). Nevertheless i tried cleaning/replacing my fans.

    I think its curious that it happens with LoL and this really old game Jedi Knight 2

    Any thoughts what i can do?

    Thank you!

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