Leaked: Windows Server 8 build 7959

By Emil
May 2, 2011
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  1. T77

    T77 TS Enthusiast Posts: 300   +6

    "It all began when Microsoft gave its partners access to Windows 8 builds on Microsoft Connect."
    Guess the partners are behind the leaks.....
  2. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    Its really a no-lose situation for MS. Every OS they came out with has been cracked and pirated so I'm sure they expect this.

    If people complain about something bad, they can a) point to it being a year from release and b) fix it.

    If people like a feature, then it will just become buzz for the final product.
  3. krayzie

    krayzie TS Rookie Posts: 62

    yeah its all hype

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