Learn to code: Save 92% on lifetime access to 2,000+ hours of training

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Want to learn how to code? You can save 92% on a lifetime subscription to Stone River Academy - the ultimate e-learning resource with over 2,000 hours of training in all things tech: coding, design, 3d animation, and more. 

Stone River Academy currently hosts 90+ courses and counting, with 2-5 new courses being added each month. These courses cover a wide range of topics, from web and mobile programming languages, web design, game creation, 3D animation, and more. There are courses available for all skill levels, with many designed to take you from total beginner to expert level. You can see a full list of courses here.

A lifetime subscription typically runs for $1,445, but you can grab this limited time offer from the TechSpot Store for 92% off (discount ends in a couple of days). It’s an investment in a lifetime of knowledge and training, and with new courses being added each month, you’ll always stay ahead of the technology learning curve.

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Well I just signed up with this deal and discovered this does not include the IT certification courses. Looks like it has some web coding, mobile applications, games, and other designing courses. I suppose I should have checked the included courses before I purchased.


Confirmed... there's no list of what's "not included"; and IT certificate courses was what I thought would have made this deal worth the buy.