Left 4 Dead 2 Issue

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I'm having an issue playing Left for dead 2 I can get on and play, but the Survivors Heads are all missing, and special zombies AKA Tanks Jockey's Witches etc.. Are all invisible. I am currently trying to download directly from steam to see if that solves this issue..I do not think it is my computer but here are the specs for it.

Os= Window's Vista
processor= AMD Athlon X2 4450e
Hard drive= 250g
Graphics= NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Graphics

If you need more/different Specs let me know.


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I'm not so sure your integrated graphics meets the minimum system requirements for the game. That said, are you using the latest graphics driver?


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this problem almost seems like its a missing file somewhere..but downloading directly from steam usually would fix that. I would try what mailpup said and make sure your graphics driver is the newest one. Not sure what else would cause this anomilay.


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No disrespect, but I'm shocked that old integrated gfx chip will run the game at all... seriously. A very decent card can be had for under 100 these days so maybe try to get 1 for x mas.
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