Lenovo A850

By Nazrin Shah ¬∑ 4 replies
Dec 3, 2013
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  1. I want to buy a Lenovo a850..but I want to know if lenovo smartphone got any problem??
    is this model is good?
  2. GhostRyder

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    This is a good review to take a look at for your consideration:

    I don't know anyone who owns the or Lenovo phones in general so I can personally say much. However, reading the specs and online reviews, its a decent phone with some decent specs (Has a quad core processor inside) so it cant be too bad. A lot of reviewers say its a good phone, but I cant tell you from experience, hope this helps.
  3. Nazrin Shah

    Nazrin Shah TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yup thats im thinking about..quad core and cheap lol
    anyways...thanks for helping :)
  4. allencool

    allencool TS Rookie

    I looks good but I like my Note 3 better
  5. lenovoa850user

    lenovoa850user TS Rookie

    I have been using this phone from last 15 days and problems facing are::-

    1. Voice quality is worst, you will face disturbances coming when calling and talking with anyone.
    2. you cannot call someone when you are on other call at the same time there is option to do that, niether there is any functionality for dialpad to change its settings for conference calling.
    3. Lenovo customer support services are worst, I have called them on support number and they didn't even care they told me that we dont have service center in your city and can provide you with address of service center near your city.
    I mean WTF, you have to leave your work and have to go out of town just for this repairing.

    One thing I liked about is its customization lenovo did very well customization and haven't seen customization before in any other andriod phone.

    My rating - 2 star [DO NOT PURCHASE]

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