Lenovo AIO Screen Flickering


my Lenovo Ideacentre Flex 20's screen randomly began to flicker a few days ago. It does so in a pulsing motion at roughly five second intervals consistently (meaning the flicker will last for five seconds and pause for five seconds), with this behavior mainly affecting the top portion of the screen. Upon starting my computer, the flickering only starts once Windows has fully loaded and begins with a small, barely noticeable spasm but after a few minutes progresses into a full blown rhythmic screen wave.

As far as external influences go, my computer was never dropped, hit or had any contact with water. The unit is basically brand new and never moves from my desk. Furthermore, my Ideacentre has never been in contact with any other device or anything with magnetic properties for that matter.

I would love to hear what a tech guy or someone knowledgeable with Lenovo products has to say. Does anyone have experience with this issue or had a similar problem? I'm hoping it might be a software thing... Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,