Lenovo G560 battery charges but laptop won't run on it

Long story short - I spilt water over my laptop keyboard and uplugged both AC cable and battery. 3 to 4 days later i plugged it in again, placed the battery and it was charging and running on it without any problem for 2 hours. Then i decided that it's just fine so I plugged the AC cable and I haven't used it on battery for 20-30 days. Well, today I unplugged the AC cable and my laptop turned off.
I downloaded a diagnostic tool called BatteryMon and it says:
(Since I'm unable to post images which is sad - please copy and paste it into your browser adress tab)
So, can anyone please tell me what does it really mean ? I can see that it says it's 120% charged which is overcharging, isn't it ? I'm not really into electrics, so please help me - how am I supposed to get my laptop battery working if it isn't dead ?


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The battery contacts could be corroded by the spilled water. It takes time for this corrosion to develop so that's why the time that the laptop worked. The water could have affected other internal circuits too over time. The laptop needs to be opened up and inspected


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I don't think it's overcharged though. It's probably three 18650 cells in series, which would top out at 12.6v.


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You could try replacing the battery, but I still think it is damaged electrics, like contacts or the motherboard itself