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Nov 24, 2010
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  1. Hello
    This is my first post here so please be kind!

    The keyboard of my Lenovo 3000 N200 laptop has developed a fault. It uses XP Pro

    A few keys have started to map to the wrong letters

    't' is displayed as 'tb'
    'y' as 'yn'
    'b' as 'tb' and
    'n' as 'yn'

    This is both in lower and upper case and affects all software including at the Dos prompt. All the other letters are OK


    'Backspace' deletes 1 character but leaves the cursor in its original position
    'Space' does nothing at all unless it is held down and then I get repeated spaces with no carriage return! This is also the same effect when holding down the Backspace.

    Any ideas on what is wrong and how I can get back to the original correct mappings?


  2. ComputerGuy55

    ComputerGuy55 TS Maniac Posts: 380   +8

    Has anything happen to the keyboard lately? Anything split in it, left in a humid area. Anything like that?
  3. SteveProcter

    SteveProcter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It is used outside at night on a regular basis for astronomy so can get a little damp. Maybe that's the problem! But why now after nearly 2 years of external use?

    I'm currently looking at the Lenovo videos which shows how to remove the keyboard so that I can clean it.
  4. ComputerGuy55

    ComputerGuy55 TS Maniac Posts: 380   +8

    That is a good idea. The keyboards can be sometimes tricky to get out so tutorials really help. Even though it worked for a long time it could still get damaged after extended use. One thing to try, to rule out that your problem is strickly hardware related and not software, is get a USB keyboard and hook it up to the laptop, try those buttons, see if it works, or if it acts like your keyboard on the laptop. This will tell you if your issue is hard ware or software and where you need to go with it.

    Could also just need a good cleaning like you said, make sure that if you wash the keyboard, either use cleaning alcohol which cleans and drys very quickly, or if you use any type of liquid not made directly for cleaning keyboards, to give it a few days in a dry area.
  5. SteveProcter

    SteveProcter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The USB keyboard worked perfectly so it seems to confirm that it is a hardware issue rather than a software problem.

    It's been a fairly simple job to remove the keyboard - thanks Lenovo for the videos - and replace everything again. There wasn't as much rubbish inside the keyboard as I expected. I gave the strap connecter a clean with IPA and put everything back. Powered up the laptop, loaded Word and checked the keyboard. Everything is fully working again. And now i know how to remove the keyboard!

  6. ComputerGuy55

    ComputerGuy55 TS Maniac Posts: 380   +8

    So the keyboard works perfect with no double inputs? Great to hear!

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