Lenovo X220 with XP Mode

By Bill Sell
May 6, 2012
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  1. I ordered a Lenovo X220 with XP Mode, which I now cannot get to work. I went to microsoft.com for the xp mode download, but MS in its wisdom won't let me download because it says my laptop is not ready for xp mode. (It is win 7 pro 64 bit, 8gb ram, and some 30 GB still available on the ssd) Any comment, any advice? the chip is Intel Core i5-2540M processor. My next call is to Lenovo (whats up with that?), but I thought I'd ask here, too.
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    There probably aren't any XP drivers available from Lenovo for your laptop hardware. If there are no XP drivers, XP mode won't work properly. That's probably why Microsoft says your laptop isn't ready for XP mode because it isn't.
  3. Bill Sell

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    In fact, I got it to work. I'm not sure why it did after failing so often. I was at the "try everything" moment, and so I installed the Virtual PC and then decided that won't help; uninstalled it. Then went back for another whack at installing XP Mode (interesting to find out later that once it started working I was directed to install Virtual PC!! - unlike the video training) over the objections of XPMode I was insisting I had a correct login and password; and eventually the demon surrendered and accepted *my* login and password. I went directly to USERS to make sure that WIN 7 and XPMODE users were the same, same password, too. Now it's working. Still have stuff to learn but the lesson: don't take rejection seriously. pursue your cause. Thanks so very much, Mailpup, apparently nothing to do with drivers, tho I expect to be learning new stuff all the time.
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