Lexmark 2070 Printer XP Driver Problems.. Getting a non-XP printer to work!

By Toast0r ยท 11 replies
Apr 22, 2003
  1. Hi. Urgh, I have a Lexmark 2070 ink jet printer and I need drivers for XP... But theres none! The other windows ME drivers dosnt work well at all... So, is there a way around this... On the xp printer drivers it has a bunch of lexmark drivers but no 2070!! So any suggestions to get this printer to work on XP?! Is it possible to use other lexmark drivers that are known to work on XP for the 2070... I tired some but no avail? I feel so screwed, I can't believe XP dosnt support a printer :(.
  2. negroplasty

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    I have experienced problems like this before, and if you can't get drivers from Lexmark; just install a similar driver that is from a slightly older or newer printer with the same specs. If that doesn't work, I would contact Lexmark. Good Luck :grinthumb !
  3. Rick

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    Usually, Windows 2000 drivers will work in Windows XP without too much of a problem. If it comes with an installer package (.exe) and will not install because "you are using the wrong version of Windows" or some crap, then it may be possible to extract the drivers and manually install your printer.
  4. Toast0r

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    I tried other drivers that should have similar specs to the printer... no luck. Theres not win 2000 drivers for it... I'm gonna contact lexmark. Down with lexmark, im never going to get a product from those dudes EVER AGAIN. The ME drivers barely worked. Guess, Im gonna play around with those too.

    Thank you.

    Wow this post had more words to clean up in it than any I've ever seen on this site. You are going to have to clean up your act or not come back, stuff like that isn't welcome here.

    Thank you-
  5. olefarte

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    Buddy that kind of language won't get you much help here. You should edit it before a mod does.
  6. Toast0r

    Toast0r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    If techspots wants to be puss' and not allow form of expression, regardless. Then umm, oh well.

    Hey buddy, you agreed to our Terms of Service when you registered. If you don't like that then you are welcome to leave.
  7. Rick

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    "Forms of expression". LoL. I understand enjoying the freedome to say anything you want - It's a good feeling - And you can do that anywhere you'd like other than this forum.

    My apologies, but when things begin offending others, that's when this stops.

    I, for one, am not offended by words (or anything for that matter). But it's the rules. Like'm or leave.
  8. StormBringer

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    I think that is a fairly old Printer, if so, I wouldn't expect Lexmark to make XP drivers for it. If there are no 2K drivers then you are out of luck.
  9. olefarte

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    I think the people that visit TechSpot are what makes this forum so good. Most people come here for help with real problems and usually someone here can help. ToastOr I've not really been here long to say much, but even though I'm also not offended by that kind of language, you shouldn't have blown your cool here, everyone was really trying to help you.
  10. Toast0r

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    I'm sucha bad boy, now:blackeye: eheh...
    Fine, I'm sorry for expressing my anger to the maximum extent...possible :(.. :blush: heheh...

    I've noticed atleast linux still support my printer -sigh-. Yea, I think the printer came out around 1996... I have a newer HP one but it died... Okay, it wasnt working properly so I punched and THEN it died... But stilll...
  11. poertner_1274

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    Now that is a form of expression. I would have to agree with Stormbringer, if there is no XP or 2K drivers for it, then I would say you are probably out of luck. Printers are pretty cheap now adays anyway, ever thought of getting a new one?
  12. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I'm not at all surprised to hear "old" printers don't have drivers available for new operating systems. That's how companies try to force you to buy newer hardware ;)
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