LG 38GL950G 38" UltraGear Review: The New Ultrawide Performance Champion

Uncle Al

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I got one of the super wide screens last year but the height was so short I could not read a text document. Great for gaming but for anything else it just wasn't realistic for me. A shame because it was needle sharp too .....
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Since having the 34WK95U, anything below 5120x2160p is irrelevant to me. There's just no going back from 2160p.


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They've come a long way from the "Lucky Goldstar" that made crappy PC peripherals in the 90s...
Haha, thanks for reminding me, rebranding to LG was a great move. We've been very happy with our LG washer and dryer, OLED TV and my LG V40 has been good enough that I've kept it for more than a year now.
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Can you guys please review the new Alienware AW3420DW? Only 2 sites have reviewed it, and I'm reading that IT is the new ultra-wide king! It also uses LG's latest panel but with Dell's quality assurance and tweaks. pretty please!


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As others say - a great review. This is exactly the kind of info I'd want if I were in the market for a monitor like this. Both knowledgeable on the tech details and practical re what matters and what doesn't etc. Good job.


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Who needs a monitor over which I can see the entire room, instead of seeing a picture? It's just lacking height. Maybe it's good for flight sims for small children.
I wish the Dell Alienware AW3418DW had been included in this review. It was considered the best UW for a year or two, and is available now for exactly $1000 less than this monitor. Disclaimer: Yes, I own this monitor, and yes, it's "only" 3440x1440.

Also, what GPU can possibly drive a 3840x1600 display at 175Hz? Hell, my oc'd 1080ti struggles to hit my monitor's 120Hz refresh rate in most AAA games, and often hovers in the 90's. Maybe the "3080Ti" ?