LG announces new 7, 8 and 10-inch G Pads

Justin Kahn

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LG has announced that it is expanding its tablet line-up with three new offerings that will be officially unveiled at MedPI 2014, which takes place in Monaco between May 13th and 16th.

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Thats kind of a weird comment, are phones not really tiny tablets? With everything being so small and mostly useless really that texting, social messaging and the phone part are just the dominant parts.

Sure you would can watch movies, youtube etc and handily so, as you have more chance to be carrying your phone than your tablet. But you would rather use your tablet than the phone for browsing web pages like amazon, or watching video, playing games. And of course use a pc rather than either.

Just got an LG G2, and its fast, long battery, nice screen. Not too shabby, would like to know how these tablets turn out.