Displays LG Monitor not turning on as second Monitor

I have recently got a second monitor from a friend, and connected it via DVI to my Graphics card (AMD Radeon R290) next to my old monitor (both monitors are plugged in the same graphics card)
Everything worked fine, but now when I turn on the PC, the new monitor wont light up, the powerbutton does nothing, all other buttons do nothing, BUT the monitor is on, I can do stuff on it (drag the mouse on there, open a window and drag it to the working screen etc.)
When I restart the PC over and over, eventually the monitor does turn on, but it seem completly random.
I checked the powercord, exchanged the DVI cord with a HDMI cord, but nothing helps.
I think the monitor just doesnt get the signal to turn on the light but virtual it is there.
Should I try to reinstall the graphics card driver? Or is the problem in the monitor?


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I would try reinstalling the graphic driver. See if that helps. If not someone here should have a few ideals. That might help.


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Have you tried disconnecting your "old" monitor and seeing if the "second" monitor works properly that way? If you cant get it to work properly with just the one connected, my opinion is that the monitor might be going bad. Also, try replacing the power cable for the monitor itself. I have had a faulty power cable on a monitor before that was causing it to not work properly.
I tried that and now I also tried replacing the powercable with a new one.
It does not work and now I cant turn the monitor on in any way.
One interesting thing: when the PC is on and I plug the "bad" monitor out and in again it does not do the Windows "New device detected" sound, when I do the same with the good monitor it does it.