Lian Li D8000 HPTX: Double-sized chassis reviewed

By Julio Franco ยท 26 replies
Jul 22, 2013
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  1. miluthui

    miluthui TS Member Posts: 16

    "We also crammed in ten Western Digital Red 4TB HDDs"

    I just checked newegg and the maximum capacity for WD Red is 3TB, where did you get the WD Red 4TB?
  2. ypsylon

    ypsylon TS Booster Posts: 114   +21

    I'm sort of crossed on the point whether to buy it or not. Primary feature which is lacking from such huge case is that it doesn't support horizontal motherboard tray which is simply baffling.

    In particular when you consider that this case isn't targeted at people which want mATX/ITX setup. With big CPU cooler (Noctua/Phanteks/etc), 3 VGAs plus 2 RAID cards horizontal board is a must (which is pretty much my system out of which only 1 VGA is used for gaming). It is a lot of weight and strain if put on vertically mounted motherboard. Cracking is real danger. That is why I running Mountain Mods cases. Not extremely well made when compared to LL and bloody expensive to buy if living outside USA, but hey horizontal motherboard FTW!

    From a server oriented point of view it is nice. But for big all-purpose WS-gaming rig hmm... I don't know. Like many above me pointed out. There is awful lot of wasted space with this beauty.

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