Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 case review

Julio Franco

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Every industry has its few elite companies that offer products at a considerable price premium for those that can afford them. In the computer case industry there's only a handful of names that fit this category. Since the early days of case modding and shiny silver brushed aluminum, Lian Li cases have existed.

Most recently Lian Li has unleashed a number of new and exciting looking cases like the Tyr PC-X2000 that we are reviewing today. The Tyr is a full tower gaming/HTPC case that represents one of Lian Li's flagship offerings at the moment. Measuring an impressive 68cm (26in) tall and wrapped in black aluminum, this new case comes at a suggested retail price of $590, that’s right almost $600.

But despite of the hefty price tag, the Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 remains a stunning looking case that is further enhanced by its unique and innovative design.

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To Techspot staff Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000

Hi Techspot staff,

I have a question about the review of the Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000. Nice review buy the way.
You stated that the space behind the motherboard tray is 1.5cm for the X2000 is this with or without the dampening foam? And why is it that other reviews state there is very little or no space behind the motherboard tray for hiding your cables? 1.5cm seems sufficient enough for most of the cables i think...And does removing the dampening foam increase the space for cables or is it just a waste? If possibe; could you provide a picture of the back of the motherboard tray wich you have done with the x2000 (cable management).

If you could shed some light on these questions i would be very grateful, (planning on buying this beautiful case, of my hard saved money).

Thanks in advance.


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That is the space without the foam though the foam itself is just a few mm thick. The problem with the Tyr PC-X2000 is not the space behind the motherboard tray but rather the dividers that cut the case into sections. They extend right our cutting off the cables at the lower part of the case.
Thanks Steve for your reply.

I understand the issue now, the 2 dividers block your way of routing your cables.
i'l have to dig deeper into this issue maybe with some modding if possible, i can decrease the cable clutter, wich i hate, a nice and clean case is a must for me, still the case is so beautiful to look at very profesional looking case no bling bling.

Any way thanks again for providing me with this info.