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Jun 15, 2006
  1. My pc keep knocking it self off then back on, it has this loop reset for 1 minute till it get stable, either through I had to "restore to last good setting" or Cmos detected and I had to manually reset to Optimized default setting" just to revive my PC and get her up and running again. ( I been using that method for months now) I doesn't know what harm I had created : l
    I noticed all my Restore point I set are all gone :shocks:

    My PC is 4 years old, I wonder if any of those hardwares life span are running out, since they start giveing me those sign of problems?

    The worst part is that when typing a long post like this, my PC freeze up till I do a hard reset.

    Thats how unstable my pc :l please guide me through the chaos of dark3ss.
  2. Rik

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    Firs thing, run scandisk, antivirus, and antispyware.
  3. nork

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    After doing what rik suggested i would also suggest you go to trend-micro and run their free online scan. That will tell you for sure if there was a problem such as a virus\trojan etc.

    If you dont have a virus\trojan or other malware then i would suggest you may need a new power supply. In cases like yours its either a virus or trojan, ram, or the power supply.
    If you have a generic 4yr old power supply then i would get a new one anyway as they are basically junk to begin with, no insult intended.
    What is the make and model of your power supply?
    What is the info on your pc?

    You can test your ram with memtest. You can download free version of memtest using google. You must only have one stick of ram in at a time and run memtest for 6 passes.
  4. Condor

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    A + on those above comments lol

    checked - no virus with (eTrust EZ Anti Virus w/current update)
    checked - no spy-ware with (Ad-Aware SE Professional)
    checked - scan-disk

    You're right nork, it gotta be my PSU. It has been with me for 3-4 years now, i over taxes her, and abuse her :l I think its time i give her a perm vocation.

    speaking of ram, I got this message (Warning: Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed ) while using AIDA32 a system analyzer.

    I have 2 stick of 512 MB PC133 SDRAM Dimm, same make and model.

    thank you very much
  5. nork

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    Ya, i think you are right, its likely the ps, lol.
    Thing is you got your moneys worth and then some if you have been running a generic ps for 4 yrs.
    Heres a few places that list good and bad ps's.

    I can show you some good examples from $30 to $50 at
    There are some antecs, some Fortrons, etc. There are also some junky ones in that price range too, funny how that goes. Ps's are the trickiest hardware of all to buy. I mean, you can pretty well buy any nic card and get a decent card, but not so with a ps, and the price isnt always a qualifier either!
  6. nork

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  7. Condor

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    thanks man

    A+ on link of choice lol

    I myself doesn't know which psu to pick(compatible with my ATX tower) so i go with my instinct and take my baby to the shop and let those pro figure out for me.

    I was thinking of spending a few hundred on upgrade like a new mobo, AMD chip (preferably 3.5 GHz and 1 gig of reliable compatible ram that goes well with my mobo) the system is mostly for online, emulate gaming. ^_^ ,v,,
  8. nork

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    I'm sure all will go well.
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