Limited or no connectivity/cannot renew IP on wired network

By Legoflamb
Feb 2, 2011
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  1. I'm sorry - I know this has been asked more than a few times but couldn't find a thread on this particular problem with regards to a wired network.

    Basically at my work there's a public IT room and the internet is fine but every now and again on 1 or 2 computers it isn't.

    At the moment for the last few days 1 computer says limited or no connectivity and if I press repair it says IP address cannot be renewed.

    I took the ethernet cable out and reconnected it, I've rebooted a few times and I also started a cmd prompt and did ipconfig -flushdns as I read somewhere this might sort it.

    Don't really know what to do. On the other computer that had this problem I pressed diagnose problem or whatever in explorer and did the reboot and reconnect cable thing and it seemed to fix it....

    I'd really appreciate any help you can give me!

    edit: I'd just like to add that I've also attempted the winsock fix thayou download and run and it tells you to reboot but to no avail
  2. jdillman1502

    jdillman1502 TS Enthusiast Posts: 120

    Does this computer work fine if plugged in somewhere else? Does another machine (one that you know connects) work if plugged in where this one is?
  3. Legoflamb

    Legoflamb TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 150

    The computer will not connect to the internet even with a different computers ethernet cable plugged in.

    Another computer will work if it's plugged in where this one is.

    Thanks for your help! I'm sorry for not being here sooner I thought it was 'sposed to notify me in an e-mail.

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