Limited or no connectivity/can't acquire an IP address

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Sep 30, 2010
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  1. Okay so recently i have been able to connect to my router Via Wireless But then a couple days ago my internet crashed and when i clicked "Repair" It Gets stuck at "Renewing IP Address" I have tried ipconfig/refresh,renew and etc None of it work and my internet is still limited or No Connectivity.But when i use an Ethernal Cable it works. Please Help I'm really frustrated, Any Advice or Suggestions would be appreciated.
    PS I have another laptop in my house and it connects to the internet fine. Thanks Again
  2. jobeard

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    verify that the NIC is set to use DHCP for both IP & DNS addresses; remove any static values found
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    I'm sorry but i don't quite get it could you dumb it down for me thanks though
  4. snooka6

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    Try this (assuming you're using xp):
    1) Go to device manager (click Start>right click on "My computers">click Properties>in "System Properties", click the "Hardware" tab>click Device Manager)
    2) Locate "Network Adapters". Click on the "+" to expand it and then right click on the device that you see
    3) click "uninstall"
    4) Reboot your machine

    Windows will find and re-install the driver. Open you browser after the install. You should be connected now.
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