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Jun 6, 2008
  1. Hi, I have looked for ages to try and find an answer so I hope someone here can help. I have windows xp and basically want to do some line in recording, I want to record from a mini disc player to my computer. It took ages to actually get any sound to be heard on the computer from the mini disc. I have a single cable going from the mini disc headphone jack to the microphone jack (pink) on the front panel of my computer tower. But trying to record is useless nothing is detected.

    I also have red and white aux in jacks on the front panel but no sound is heard from the computer when I try to plug the mini disc into that. In the realtek hd sound effects manager under audio I/O all the jacks front and back show up but not the red and white ones, and also under the mixer tab there is no multistream button which after reading about I think I should have.

    Incidently I have also been trying to record homevideo using nerovision and the red, white and yellow jacks at the front and while I receive video no audio is recording. There are no exclaimation marks anywhere in device manager. I have two possibilities for sound recording in sound and audio devices in the control panel, Realtek HD audio input, and Medion bda analogue audio capture, and I'm not sure what to be using. I used to be able to record in this way before (not home video) but then my computer broke and I cant remember the settings I was using before. I am pretty sure I used to use the red and white aux in, but not sure. any help would be gratefully appreciated even if it seems obvious, because more than likely I am overlooking something simple.
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    Buy yourself a good quality PCI or PCI-e sound card and start from there
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    Please do not take offense if you have checked this already.

    Before doing the steps below, make sure of the input that you are using. If your device is plugged into an input that has a video-in port (the yellow female jack) next to it, then select the "Medion bda analogue audio capture".
    -Otherwise, select the Realtek.

    1) Start->Control Panel->"Sounds and Audio Devices"-(if you do not see it listed, in the frame on the left side of Control Panel, click on "Switch to Classic View")-Then find it and double-click on it.

    2) Under the Volume tab, where it reads "Device volume", click on the Advanced button.

    3) When the volume settings appear, click on the Options menu (at the top) and click on "Properties".

    4) Select "Recording" and make sure the input that you are using is checked.

    5) Click on OK.

    6) When you go back to the volume settings, make sure the input that you are using is not muted here. If it isn't, then turn it up if you can.

    If it's already not muted and turned all the way up, try a different input with the steps listed above.
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    Thanks for the reply, dont worry no offence taken, I have tried that already but its good to try again especially when following instructions.
    I thought I would add abit more. I have also found that if I play a song on windows media player or any other playback device and then try and record using goldwave that wont record either. I can now at least hear the camcorder sound on the computer through the microphone jack, but again nothing records. Any more ideas would be appreciated
    Thanks again
  5. Tmagic650

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    The installation of a quality PCI sound card would allow you to do what your are trying to do... easily
  6. i-hate-my-iGP

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  7. sara26

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    Hi, I just managed to fix it. I plugged the line in to the blue jack and then fiddled with the realtek audio manager, it seems I needed 2 channel audio instead of headphones under the audio I/0 tab. Thanks for all your help
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