LinkedIn adds tools to help plan in-person networking events

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LinkedIn Events allows users to create and join professional events with ease. With it, you’ll be able to create public and private events complete with a description, date, time and venue, invite connections using filters like location, industry and school, track attendees and more.

The social network for professionals also encourages users to share their event as a post to leverage the power of their feed and reach even more relevant attendees. Those who join the event can also invite people from their own network to attend, we’re told, and will gain access to a list of other LinkedIn users who plan on attending.

Some may be surprised to learn that LinkedIn has been around since mid-2003. It took just over a year for the site to attract one million users and another few years to hit the 10 million member mark. In 2016, Microsoft purchased the social network for $26.2 billion in cash and has continued to grow its user base. At present, LinkedIn has 645 million members globally.

LinkedIn Events will be rolling out worldwide over the coming days, starting in English-speaking markets.

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LinkedIn's turned into another Facebook. People keep posting memes and brag about accompishments and keep reposting/sharing stuff you find on Facebook. Recruiters abuse the platform and spam messages to anyone that has kept their profile open to the public. It's starting to become a real crap show.

Although, I did find my current job via LinkedIn, it's just getting so bad I had to delete the mobile app and deactivate.