Linksys Access Point info

By spkenny
Oct 16, 2009
  1. Ok, I have a new situation I need some help with. First, let me give you the layout. For at least 3 years now I have been using my single desk for my repair work. My internet access is my cable modem, to a wireless G linksys router. That's it and has been for quite a while now. I have been picking up major business with the repair, and the single desk isnt cutting it anymore in terms of room for all the towers I get in. So I got a workbench built, but on the other side of my apartment behind my dining area. (It's a small apartment). A problem that presents itself came to light, when suddenly I did not have internet which is much needed for repair. I have a 5 port linksys switch for the setup, but I really do not want to run a 50 foot cable from my bedroom to the dining area. I obtained a linksys Access point from a friend for 5 bucks, wirelessG. The idea is to get the wireless router to talk to the access point, thus eliminating the need for the cable. I followed the configuration instructions from a site for the access point, but am unsure if I need to set it as a regular access point, or set it as a wireless repeater. Again, the setup will be modem to wireless router in the bedroom. Then Access point on the other side of the apartment connected to the 5 port switch creating 4 available internet connections for up to 4 towers at a time on my bench.
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