Linksys WRT110 - One computer will not connect

By mitchAB55
Jun 12, 2010
  1. Hey everyone, was reading around here on my girls laptop to solve a problem and I figured I would give it a go.

    So, it figures that I just get done building a new computer, move into a new house, finally replace the old modem we had, and the new computer refuses to fully connect. Everyone else, which counts my girlfriends laptop, my Fathers two Windows laptops and the Mac my dad has connect without any trouble.

    We've had the router since it came out (Linksys by Cisco WRT110), and have never really had problems till we moved and got a brand new modem. Now I know, it does sound like it's got to be the modem, and that's the the Windows 7 Troubleshoot Connections tells me, but I can connect at each of my friends houses without a problem.

    I just got a new wireless card, since the old one had terrible connectivity (what can you ask for as it was free and didn't even work in my friends computer? XD) but they both did the same thing, when I check the connection I'm Connected with no Internet Access and No Network Access. Everyone else also connects wirelessly, in case it may matter. I can, just for a heads up, get online when wired to the router.

    Running with Windows 7 Professional 64 - Bit fully updated.
    TRENDnet Wireless N PC Card - TEW-643PI.
    All default internet settings, and only using Microsoft Security Essentials for Antivirus along with Spybot Search & Destroy.

    Anything else that may help solve this problem just let me know, I just supplied everything I thought would help. Thanks ahead of time.

    So, new thing, moved my computer downstairs practically on top of the router and it connected perfectly. Could the wireless signals be getting wrecked going through the floor/ceiling? Just a heads up, earlier I was upstairs with my girls laptop, which has a very crappy wireless card and gets a rather low signal, yet she doesn't ever get these problems.
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