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Local Area Connection Unplugged?

By Integra0057
Dec 22, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I recently have had problems with this message popping up saying Local Area connection uplugged..Have had comcast high speed internet for a while now had a regular black motorola modem with a srx200 linksys router everything worked fine recently got the digital phone service which they gave another modem which the ethernet cable is also hooked into so its one modem for phone and internet now like every 30 minutes to an hour the local area connection unplugged box pops up and my internet completely drops off. Had comcast come out guy trys to say he thinks its the router causing the problem when the internet worked fine with the regular modem hooked up to this router that is only a year old if that in which they split the motorola modem and the phone modem and the problem is still occuring was wondering if anyone else out there knows anything i could try im sick of calling them and getting no where cause they dont know what the problem is??? feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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