Local DNS and Repair Utility

By tide1
Apr 11, 2008
  1. Question about local DNS and the repair utility.

    I didn't setup this network, previous guy did.

    We are running a Windows Server 2003 that acts as our DNS server and file server. All the clients in-house have static IP's and the primary DNS is the server, secondary DNS is our static ISP IP. In the 'host' file under C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc, the DNS IP entry is listed there too. There are mostly XP SP 2 machines, but some Mac's for dev purposes.

    At random the XP machines won't connect to their respective mapped network drives (on the server). Different departments have access to different drives and permissions are set accordingly. Oddly enough, you won't lose an internet connection. So I don't know the moment it happens until trying to connect to the mapped drives.

    To fix the problem quickly I use the "Repair" utility on the NIC. It's up and running again ... until the next time.

    I have researched the hell out of this in Google.
    Even looked at the node type being "Unknown" vs "Hybrid". Tried editing the registry to fix that issue, but it didn't work.

    This started out as being a rare event. Now its getting more and more regular.

    What's going on?
  2. jobeard

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    should not be necessary
    demonstrating that the network is sane :)
    hum; I would investigate the server or the LAN for bandwidth saturation. The failure to map is likely to be a timeout issue,
    and the REPAIR just delays the retry.

    The number of clients accessing the server, number of subnets on the lan,
    and major server programs running on the server (eg MsSQL) will predict
    the limits to be expected.
  3. tipstir

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    Your saying some map drives won't connect on users systems. Do these users have permission to access these drives. Is Active Directory installed to manage these systems. You also have MACs on the network too.. You might have to use login script to keep the drives active. You can make a simple CMD file that could startup in the startup folder.

    taken from answers.yahoo.com (which I had posted last month for another user)

    This is very easy to do, and a lot of users in corp companies have this problems with both desktops and laptops When
    you login to your domain the profile script re-maps the network drives. If you try to do VPN from home then you
    don't have these mapping. There is a program that can be run and it will collect map drives into and save it to a

    cmd script. But I'll show you another way you can do it.

    Now this is what you do... Take your time no rush okay.. Otherwise it won't work..
    Open notepad (remember what you see below is an example of what you can do) as your network mapping infrastructure
    will be different.

    type the following.... NET USE drive letter: \\shared folders


    NET USE g: \\data1\data\prjs
    NET USE o: \\data2\data\rpts
    NET USE s: \\storage\model\DataShare
    net use /persistent:yes

    Now what you do is Open My Computer or you can use the Explorer File Manager if you want. But under My Computer

    change the view to Details.

    Collect each map drive letter and folder and put it into a notepad as you see above save it as your "my_mapped_drives.cmd" and place this file on your desktop. Run this anytime you need to restore you nework mappings. You can also create a shortcut and place that into startup. So everytime you login to Windows your mapped drives will be ready for you.
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,166   +986

    just for clarity, it's net use dl: \\systemname\sharename
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