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By TheBag
Nov 23, 2008
  1. So recently I just upgraded to a new computer, after fighting for 3 days to get windows on it with the slip stream cd. here:
    But now I cant log on. I get the administrator account and when I try to press enter cause there is no password it doesn't let me, it says restricted access or something like that. I dont know how to create a new account! I can log onto safe mode and in that I tryed the [net user accountname password /add] with no luck what do I do? Please help!
  2. jimjams

    jimjams TS Rookie Posts: 39

    try all the default options like 'administrator'

    If that doesn't work then if you only just installed windows then you should'nt have much on there so i recommend re-installing again and that time put a password in.

    Or maybe try some password reset programs on the internet

    Maybe you accidentally pressed the spacebar
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