Logitech G430 mic randomly stopped working


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Hello. I'm in a bit of a pickle as of recently. I got this headset a few weeks ago and it was working fine until this week. Nothing has changed software/hardware wise. No Major windows updates or anything. Only the headset part of it works. The mic doesn't produce any sound at all or sometimes static. I'm stumped at this point on what to do. The mic works fine on laptop, so I've ruled it out as not the headset? But a desktop issue.

Things I've tried:

- Checking Sound Settings in Windows

- Toggling Microphone Access in Privacy settings in Windows

- Turning off mic application exclusivity

- Updating Realtek drivers from Motherboard website

- Updating G430 firmware to 0x0120 (This may have done more harm than good and I'm unsure as how to reverse it. It worked fine on my laptop but now it doesn't work on either desktop or laptop)

- Removing LGS (Logitech Gaming Software and all associated drivers in device manager as per a Logitech CS support suggested then restarting PC and reinstalling LGS then allowing it to install the drivers automatically. This did not work though.

And maybe I tried some other things but can't remember atm lol. Any help is appreciated! Thanks :)

Cycloid Torus

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Having worked with Logitech support myself, I recommend working with them some more. My guess is that it is a software issue of which they are unaware of, so persisting with their help in finding a solution benefits other users as well as both Logitech and yourself (tho' I hate being an involuntary Beta tester). If it isn't software, then this is the right step toward getting an RMA.