Logitech's new wireless earbuds are built for business professionals

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In a nutshell: Logitech is most often associated with gamers and PC enthusiasts, but with its latest offering, the company is targeting a different audience – business users. The new Zone True Wireless Earbuds are billed as the first targeted to be certified by all three major cloud video conferencing platforms: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president at Logitech Video Collaboration, said current wireless solutions force consumers to compromise between either traditional headsets that are not aesthetically suited for video calling, or sub-optimal audio performance. “With Zone True Wireless, … you no longer have to compromise,” Wharton added.

Logitech’s latest wireless earbuds afford up to 6.5 hours of talk time with active noise canceling disabled (or six hours with it turned on) and up to 12 hours in music listening mode (or nine hours with ANC enabled). The included charging case is good for up to 2.5 recharges, we’re told.

Technical specifications are as follows:


  • Type: Omni directional MEMS microphones in end-firing, directional beamformer configuration
  • Frequency response: 100-8kHz


  • Frequency response (music mode): 20-20kHz
  • Frequency response (talk mode): 100-8kHz
  • Audio compliance: Compliant to EN 50332

Logitech’s Zone True Wireless buds will be available in your choice of light pink or black this fall priced at $299. A wired version is also in the pipeline that’ll sell for $99, and both will be backed by a two-year limited hardware warranty.

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