Looking for a new MoBo...

By D3xter
Jan 1, 2007
  1. Alright, so here is my problem, I'm looking for a new Mainboard for the following:
    C2D E6600, 2x 1GB DDR2 Corsair PC800 (Dualchannel?), ASUS EN8800GTX or GTS

    It has to have: At least 2 IDE-Connectors (because I got 6 IDE-Components in the machine right now... I could most likely get rid of one while upgrading but that would still make 5 I would slowly exchange against SATA)
    at least 3 (better 4) PCI-Slots... all the new MoBo's seem to have only two damn PCI-Slots and usually only 1 IDE-Connector
    at least 4 (better 5-6) SATA-Connectors as I will be needing them pretty soon
    Should have a new nForce-Chipset or at least a good Intel Chipset (never again VIA or ALi and the sames...)
    Should have 1GBit LAN

    I would also heavily prefer a ASUS-MoBo because my last 5 or so were and I had bad experiences with some MoBo's of another Brand but I think I have to make some compromises because I can't find one board that matches all those for now.
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