Looking for a older RTS game

By Dismember ยท 6 replies
Oct 24, 2009
  1. Hi there im looking for a rts game that i played as a kid in a range of 1998-2002 i think.there were 2 sides to choose one were humans other side was some kind of droids and robots with fuzzy voices,the humans were like army btw anybody haves an idea what game is it? i'm looking it for months!

    Thanks alot
  2. benken2202001

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  3. Dismember

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    this is very similar except in the game im looking for are graphics much better and the gameplay is almost like C&Q

    Ohh my mistake the range is 2001-2005 now i remembered when i played it
  4. Jay123

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    Was it by pumkin studios?

    Warzone 2100. If you want to play it then download it for free here:

  5. nes83

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    starcraft maybe., best rts made to date
  6. Flannelwarrior

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    Yes, yes it is. Blizzard does things right.

    What you've discribed sounds like it COULD be SC, although SC probably would have taken over your entire life and you'd remember, oh you'd remember...
  7. cdromce

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    hmm here is a list of some it might have been

    dark colony
    dark reighn
    total annihilation
    metal fatigue
    err my mind is a blank there are more
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