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Looking for free web server

By erwin1978
Nov 27, 2009
  1. I'm finally going to get a domain name after years of using my ISP's free webserver. I'm almost set with a name. I think all the words in the dictionary has been taken. Does anyone disagree?

    I want to dive further in the realm of web programming so I thought I'd look for more feature rich web servers. My ISP only provide basic html stuff. Since my website is simple and I doubt it will garner much traffic anytime soon, I thought I'd stay with free service rather than pay $50/year when I'm the only one visiting the site and still learning the ropes. I need advice on which free providers I should look into and hopefully ones that you can personally vouch for. Googling is easy but I don't want to simply pick one on the top of the list if there are far better.
  2. thehobbitech

    thehobbitech TS Rookie

    What I have used is Yola (www.yola.com). You might be interested in it, I like it because it has 0 adds on it. only a tab on the bottom of the page that says "make a free website with yola", and that you get a URL like this: www.example.yolasite.com. The only thing is that I use templates, (it also says "designed by free CSS templates" you probably want something more technical. It might not be any better than what you have. :-( Anyway, I'm no pro, just thought you might like to check it out! :) if you want to see my website, it's www.puravidarainforests.yolasite.com (rather long), but you can get an idea how you can make it look.
  3. thehobbitech

    thehobbitech TS Rookie

    BTW, I don't think it's very great when it comes to Google search, I haven't found mine with Google :-(
  4. ColdPreacher

    ColdPreacher TS Rookie Posts: 56

    Just use Apache, great for HTML, if you need help writing HTML, java script or CSS then theres other programs you can find that give you an environment to work in which makes writing code alot faster. Programs like Dream weaver for instance. But yes Apache is great and resource friendly im only saying this because Apache gets installed on your own PC, and unless you hosting a multi-mdeia site and only text and some pictures then having the ability to tweak your server is there on ur own pc or home server
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