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Feb 6, 2010
  1. hey mates,
    in the past every time i've tried a virus-scan, its ended up taking up lots of system resources even when not doing a scan, which very negatively affected my gaming life. so, what i'm looking for is an anti-virus that either uses almost no resources when its not doing a full scan, or that can be set to a sort of sleep mode when i game so it doesn't interfere or slow things down. i haven't tried any recently, but below is a list of ones i've tried in the past.
    kaspersky, avg, norton, mcafee
  2. Matthew

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    NOD32 is pretty lightweight and is one of the best AVs around, but it'll cost you. Microsoft's Security Essentials is free, also has a relatively small footprint, and offers respectable coverage.

    You could, of course, just disable the AV while playing -- or ditch your AV altogether.
  3. alisbin

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    i've gone years without regular AV, i'm just seeing if there is a good option really, i'll look into both that you mentioned. as for disabling, some of the ones that i tried in the past wouldn't really disable, they would keep taking up their huge footprint...
  4. Route44

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    Seconded on NOD32. Excellent protection with a light footprint and I have had it running while gaming without an issue.

    The free versions of Avast and Avira are two other suggestions
  5. username123

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    I haven't used NOD32 in a couple of years, but I wasn't pleased with its performance.
    Avast 4.8 is game friendly and a good A/V program, I wouldn't mess with Avast 5.0 though, its got some problems, and it isn't game friendly.

    With 4.8 you can turn off the pop-ups and you can manually suspend the updates while you' re playing the game.
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