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By midnighttiger
Mar 11, 2010
  1. Hi all,

    Been searching around the web and found a couple of neat programs. The first one is LogMeIn, remotely control your PC from any computer that has internet access.. The second one is Dropbox, copy things to your Dropbox folder and if you install Dropbox on more than one machine it keeps the folders in sync. And you can also go online and retrieve something from your Dropbox.

    What I like about these two programs is they both allow you to do things from a website. Does anyone know any other sites that offer software like this?

    Also, at the moment I'm using Cisco Network Magic. It's an excellent program for sharing printers/files in a small network. It also lets you define the times certain computers can use the web and you can setup reports for individual computers that track internet usage and browser history etc.

    BUT, you can't configure this online. So if I'm not in my home network, there's not much I can do. Does anyone know of some network management software with an online control panel?

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