Looking to buy a new laptop. Any tips?

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Oct 28, 2010
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  1. Well Im definitely a gamer, especially when it comes to WoW, but I need a new laptop, and money is definitely an object, im not to sure what gaming laptops go for here and there, so I just figured Id hit the forums for the first time...
    I wanna stick it under like $800 (not sure if thats a lot when it comes to buying laptops, im a usual desktop gamer). But yeah, not looking for much besides decent battery life, nice resolution widescreen and WoW-able hardware. Any tips on where I should go with this? :eek:
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    In this price range, you'll probably be able to find something with Mobility Radeon ATI 5650 + Core i3 or i5 (depending on other specs). I am thinking about getting rid of this notebook (i.e. 1125-EM) and looking at this. I am no big fan of HP but haven't been able to find any other reasonable deal so far. May be you can look for something similar in your area.
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    Arguably, pretty much anything that ISN'T a netbook can run WoW at playable framerates nowadays.

    Okay, some of the entry level systems might struggle, but they are WAY below your intended price limit.:p

    edit: what way do you intend on buying a laptop? online, brick and mortar? Specific preferences for said stores?
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