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By pioneerx01
Feb 4, 2010
  1. I am looking to buy new laptop. I am tech savvy and have already looked through both newegg and amazon, however I would like to hear your opinion on this mater. You might know something I have missed I am looking for:

    Laptop (not netbook or tablet)
    Under $750 ($1000 max but it has to be worth it)
    About 13.3" screen (+/- 1") LED backlit
    2GB RAM or more (DDR3 preferred but not required)
    100GB HDD or more (SSD or SSD/HDD combo preferred, but not required)
    Core 2 Duo 1.2+ Ghz
    Disk drive preferred but not required
    Less that 4 LB
    5+ hours of batter
    Windows XP or 7 (not Vista)

    THIS is my top candidate so far

    So what do you thing?
  2. bludfist

    bludfist TS Rookie Posts: 22

    That's the exact one I was going to recommend after looking at what you wanted. You're basically describing the ACER Aspire Timeline.

    This HP looks like a really good deal as well, with a better graphics card and CPU. $989

    Here is an ASUS UL30A-A2 it has around the same specs of the ACER Timeline series. $789

    And here is another HP with a Graphics Card, cheaper than the first. $889
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