Looking to invest $1000 in a new laptop

By stensland ยท 4 replies
Sep 21, 2010
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  1. I was hoping I could get some suggestions on a nice gaming laptop for around 1,000$ a few hundred off in either direction is ok.
  2. JMMD

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    In that price range you should look for an i5 (or equivalent) processor, 4GB of RAM and a AMD/ATI 5650 or NVidia 360M.
  3. stensland

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    I'm thinking I might wait until the holiday season is over and look into the Qosmios. My friend bought one and loves it. The only problem is I have to wait until they release it before I will know if I want it. They just phase out the old ones, and never release tech specs on their upcoming models. If I like that I might go as far up as 1,400$
    The current version of the Qosmio (the X series) is great and for the price well worth it, but if I buy it right before they release the new ones I'll be kicking myself for the whole time i have the PC. My friend bought his and got it about a week before the new ones were put out, same prices, half as heavy (his is 17 pounds) and much faster with the i5-i7 series.
  4. EXCellR8

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    my recommendation would either be a toshiba portege/satellite series or the sony vaio line. for a thousand bucks you can get either computer fully loaded with Windows 7 ultimate. most of them ship with 4GB RAM and Intel core i5-i7 processors. they are considered to be "desktop replacements" and can be equipped with a variety of high-end features like Blu-Ray burners and HDMI ouput.
  5. nismo91

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    msi's gx series with some i5 and 5850 gddr5 are quite close to US$1000. watch out for laptops with 5850 but uses GDDR3 memory, it is much slower than the GDDR5 because of the 128-bit width.

    15inch 5850 i5 1100

    17inch 5870 i5 1200

    the i7's are abit more expensive. around 200-300 bucks more.

    p.s. im not a fan of msi nor ati, but i think 58xx mobile graphics at 1000 are quite nice

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