Losing Internet access frequently

By darknate
Jun 16, 2012
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  1. I get my internet through GVEC which is the electric company in my area. I live out in the country so this is the best I can get. It seems like every hour I lose internet access and I have to reset the router and or disable my NIC and re-enable it. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I'll lose connection. I normally thought it was either the ISP or the router, but it still broadcasts wireless internet even while my computer doesn't have internet access which has RJ-45 connection to it. I replaced my NIC thinking it was that, but it still happens. I even have updated drivers. Can anyone shed some light on this or know what's going on to help me solve this issue?
  2. Tmagic650

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    Have you talked to your GVEC electric company about this?
  3. ITLogicSystems

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    With Internet through electrical wiring, my experience is: the router/modem MUST be plugged into the outlet directly, no power strip, etc. if this fixes the issue, great! if not then, I would make a log, write down what time of day you get disconnected/dropped via both wifi & wired. Then call the ISP & give them the info. Post back b/c I'm curious on this one. Hope this helps, take care!
  4. darknate

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    Well, it's not through electrical wiring. I have a satellite on the side of my house and receiving a signal from their tower. They aimed it to where no trees would interfere so that's not the issue. It must of been a problem for other people because it doesn't do it anymore. Thanks for the help everyone!

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